Baby Steps into Woodworking

Working wood is a labor of love for me. I admire the trees that provide this unique and ever-changing resource. I love the tools that allow us to shape lumber into objects of beauty and use. I [...]

Q & A: Switch to a Band Saw

Use a bandsaw, not a tablesaw. It’s not good shop practice to rip a board less than 12 in. long on the tablesaw because it may kick back at you.

New Tool Designs in Woodworking?

Woodworking tool design progresses slowly. While it’s easy to state that today we have some of the best woodworking tools ever, the designs haven’t changed much. I mean, when a manufacturer [...]

Fine -tune a Handplane’s Back Iron

For me, the goal with my smoothing plane is to set it up so I can ignore the grain direction of a board or a glued-up panel. There are many valid ways to do this. For most woodworkers I know, …

One-stop Shop for Woodworking Information

At, sure, you’ll find all the woodworking magazines, books, videos and webinars we produce. But is also your one-stop woodworking shop for many of the best [...]

ESL Students as Woodworking Role Models

Don’t ya just hate those woodworkers who seemingly pick up and master new skills effortlessly? (A certain Village Carpenter and Heritage Woodworker come to my mind.) This type of person is truly [...]

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