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Build a Router Bit Storage Case – I Can Do That!

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I am happy to share my latest I Can Do That! build with all of you! In this episode, I built a router bit storage case with removable shelves. There are couple unique features as well, the door is polycarbonate with a clever hinge mechanism and the pulls on the shelves are made from a single piece of 1″ aluminum angle that we cut on the miter saw. I made the case out of red oak from the big box store and brought it together with simple rabbets.

Check it out!

– David Lyell

Get the PDF plans & cutting list here:

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    Hi David,
    on your router bit case project, the cut list shows the top and bottom pieces to be 5 inches wide, but in the video you say to rip them to 4 and 3/4 inches. Is the 4 and 3/4 inches correct or not?

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