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The PWM Shop Panorama — An Experiment

I’m messing around with Photosynth on my lunch hour. The next one will be better.

— Christopher Schwarz

13 thoughts on “The PWM Shop Panorama — An Experiment

  1. aschaffter

    I see that the PWW shop utilizes the same great “tool” I have in my shop- Rubbermaid “Brute” trashcans on dollies. What a great under appreciated addition to any shop! I went for the square one since it fits in more places a little easier. I’m getting ready to spring for a second one- one for trash and one for cutoffs.

  2. GregMiller

    Nice one, Chris. I hope on your next attempt you can greatly increase the resolution. I want to be able to zoom right in on your tools and machinery to check them out! I couldn’t quite read the medallion on that Disston saw hanging in the window over your bench…

  3. gdblake

    Looking at the placement of Megan’s bench, if the lumber storage fails Glen’s going to be turning around and saying, “Oops, we need another Megan”.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick

      Hmmm…maybe that’s why they put it there…

      That’s my secondary bench, actually (ie the one that everyone piles stuff on). I’m using the little pine Roubo by the planer these days (it’s supposed to come home with me, but I have yet to figure out how to get it into the back of my Subaru).

      1. Fred West

        Megan, as a woodworker what the heck are you doing with a Subaru. They have these really cool trucks called pickups and the small Roubo would fit like a charm in the bed. :o) Fred

  4. plund


    I see that you and Glen have windows behind your benches. But poor Bob and Megan don’t. Did they lose the coin toss? 🙂


    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick

      That’s because Bob chose to put his storage credenza in his window. I don’t have a window…but a girl has to have a dream.

  5. Mitchell

    I’m not really sure how you could improve on this, Chris. For “messing around” on your lunch hour, it is pretty damned good.

  6. Jeff Wright

    Hey Chris, looks like you can get a job with Google as one of those folks who drive around in those funny-looking camera cars taking panoramic photos of streets and houses! Something to think about if people stop buying your chopping boards.

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