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I’m messing around with Photosynth on my lunch hour. The next one will be better.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  • aschaffter

    I see that the PWW shop utilizes the same great “tool” I have in my shop- Rubbermaid “Brute” trashcans on dollies. What a great under appreciated addition to any shop! I went for the square one since it fits in more places a little easier. I’m getting ready to spring for a second one- one for trash and one for cutoffs.

  • eck1035

    Chris: A nice trip around the shop.Tks:


  • GregMiller

    Nice one, Chris. I hope on your next attempt you can greatly increase the resolution. I want to be able to zoom right in on your tools and machinery to check them out! I couldn’t quite read the medallion on that Disston saw hanging in the window over your bench…

  • rwlasita

    Very nice, turned out nice for a first cut at it.

  • gdblake

    Looking at the placement of Megan’s bench, if the lumber storage fails Glen’s going to be turning around and saying, “Oops, we need another Megan”.

  • plund


    I see that you and Glen have windows behind your benches. But poor Bob and Megan don’t. Did they lose the coin toss? 🙂


  • Mitchell

    I’m not really sure how you could improve on this, Chris. For “messing around” on your lunch hour, it is pretty damned good.

  • Jeff Wright

    Hey Chris, looks like you can get a job with Google as one of those folks who drive around in those funny-looking camera cars taking panoramic photos of streets and houses! Something to think about if people stop buying your chopping boards.

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