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Build a Tool Chest at ‘The Woodwright’s School’

Monday’s “Anarchist’s Tool Chest” class “The Woodwright’s School” was the first of five days of dovetailing. By the end of the week, everyone will be able to cut dovetails in their sleep. And we’ll all be so tired that we might have to.

Be sure to visit The Woodwright’s School online.

Click here to purchase “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” book.

— Christopher Schwarz

10 thoughts on “Build a Tool Chest at ‘The Woodwright’s School’

  1. Marlon1

    Ah! The Dove Tales abound. Is Megan enjoying Roy’s humor & tea at his humble abode? Chris, keep up you Star Trek remarks – she expects it.

    1. mitchellm

      I was guessing that he was doing this to have the nicker score the wood before taking a cut. Just a guess but I was confused as to why it would be done more than once stroke?

  2. Bill Lattanzio

    I noticed that most of the workbenches had tool trays. Bench tops were clean and clutter free for the most part. Interesting.

  3. Dazzzle

    If only I was your side of the pond, I would love to have a week on a course as interesting and fun as this appears to be.

  4. tjhenrik

    Incredibly jealous! Looks like the perfect blend of craftsmanship, ambience, fellowship, mentors and redheads!!

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