Sturdy, Fold-away Work Horses

Here are some useful sawhorses for woodworkers like me, who have limited room to work, and even less room dedicated to storage. I cannot claim design rights for these because I got the general [...]

Tarnishing New Brass

Have you ever seen shiny new brass on an old piece of furniture? It just doesn’t look right. What I do is tarnish the new brass to give it an antique look that better suits the furniture it’s [...]

Truing Your Squares

I didn’t have to drop the last framing square I bought to knock it out of square – it came from the store that way. So I chalked that up to Murphy’s Law, took it back and got another one …

‘Dog-bone’ Frame Clamps

There are some amazing specialty clamps for gluing miters, and we’re also amazed by some of the prices. It’s no trick to spend $40 apiece for mitered corner clamps. And because most frames have [...]

Sharpening Gouges

Sharpening Gouges By Alan Lacer Perhaps no other aspect of lathe work is a bigger stumbling block to new turners than the process of shaping and sharpening the tools. Even new tools often require [...]

Old-school Rule

Starrett 414 Ruler Review I recently bought myself this Starrett 414 ruler on a whim. Maybe I was smitten by its name: “English Pattern Utility Rule.” Just sounds 18th century, [...]

Web Extras #159 April/May 2012

Video Tablesaw Bowl Making a bowl on a tablesaw? Watch how it’s done! Video Fast Finish Rub-Out Finish the finish. Here’s how to make a brushed on finish feel as smooth as silk. [...]

Done, if Not Complete

Building the shell and lid of a traditional, full-size and fully dovetailed tool chest in five days is a challenge. Which is likely why there aren’t a lot of classes offered on the topic. But [...]

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