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The 2014 Anarchist’s Gift Guide: Day 3


If you read this blog regularly, you should be sick of this suggestion: Buy Pégas coping saw blades. Hoard them. I do – and I’m not generally a hoarder. I have about 150 stashed away in case Pegas doubles the price or stops making them this well.

I don’t have evidence that either event will happen, but I use a coping saw every day that I’m in the shop. So I don’t want to run out.

Since I first started using the blades this summer, my love affair has only deepened. See the blade in the photo above? That is my first Pégas blade. It has been through many many projects in oak, pitchy pine and sapele. And it’s just starting to feel dullish.

It hasn’t bent, broken or otherwise self-destructed.

They are available in a variety of tooth configurations. I use the 18-point skip-tooth (No. 90.550) for most work, though the other types are equally excellent.

You can get them from Tools for Working Wood and Knew Concepts in the United States and Workshop Heaven in the U.K. There are other suppliers, I am sure.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. All of the gift guide entries (including last year’s) are here.

6 thoughts on “The 2014 Anarchist’s Gift Guide: Day 3

  1. cbf123

    A little birdie told me that Lee Valley would shortly be carrying Pegas 18tpi skip-tooth blades. Just in case anyone is looking for them…

  2. cagenuts

    Pity something that is made just a stone’s throw across a ditch costs 30% more than the same thing millions of miles across the Atlantic.

  3. jeberle

    I will attest to their quality.
    I just finished building an Anarchist Tool Chest with all its dovetails and used only one blade

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