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VIDEO – Powermatic at IWF 2008 (Sponsored)

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In this sponsored video from IWF 2008, we take a look at Powermatic’s new ruggedly built 18″ band saw. Its massive cast wheels, precise bearing guides and acres of cast iron and steel all add up to one impressive machine. Also, find out about how Powermatic is incorporating a new cutterhead into its best planers. It cuts cleaner and runs quieter.

Powermatic 15HH, 15″ Planer

The ability to accurately dimension wood with parallel faces is crucial to virtually any woodworking task. Producing an ultra smooth, tear out-free surface at the same time is just as important. The POWERMATIC 15HH has been designed to handle these tasks with the accuracy, durability and repeatability you need. Robust construction, a powerful motor, precision cut depth adjustments and the legendary Byrd helical cutterhead are just some of the reasons the POWERMATIC 15HH is setting the standard for modern planers.

Built around a fully enclosed, welded steel base cabinet, the POWERMATIC 15HH uses numerous precisely machined iron castings to insure durability and precise, repeatable operation. A heavy-duty caster system built into the base makes moving the 517-lb POWERMATIC 15HH around the shop easy. A foot-operated brake locks the casters to keep it stationary during use.

Should lifting the POWERMATIC 15HH be necessary, four pull-out rods are built into the cast iron base. These rods provide safe lifting points for straps or forklift arms.

A powerful 3HP, (continuous duty rating) 1PH, 230V TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor is mounted within the base cabinet. Power is transmitted to the fixed cutterhead assembly by three v-belts that turn precision-machined pulleys. A full-length belt cover is easily removed for maintenance by spinning off a pair of finger-operated knobs. The motor is operated and protected by a true magnetic switch mounted on the head assembly within easy reach.

The helical cutterhead on this planer provides smoother cutting and a finer finish than conventional knives, and the 98 four-sided indexable carbide knife inserts do not require adjustment after installing. Three V-belts transfer maximum power from the 3HP motor to the cutterhead. Your workpiece will get substantial support from the precision ground cast iron table and two large extension wings. The 4″ dust port angles the collection hose away from the work area. Stock return rollers atop the machine speed repetitive cuts. The serrated steel infeed and smooth steel outfeed roller allow for 1/8″ maximum depth of cut and trouble-free operation. A 2-speed gearbox features an automatic chain tensioner. The one-piece welded steel stand has built-in lockable casters for easy movement around the shop.

• The Byrd® helical cutterhead with 98 four-sided knife inserts provides smoother, quieter cutting and finer finish than conventional systems
• Powerful 3HP TEFC motor controlled with a magnetic switch for safety
• Three V-belts transfer maximum power to the cutterhead
• Serrated steel infeed roller and smooth steel outfeed roller allow for 1/8″ maximum depth of cut and trouble free operation
• Large cast iron handwheel positions table quickly and easily
• Large, precision ground cast iron table and extensions provide maximum workpiece support
• Two speed gearbox features automatic chain tensioner
• One-piece welded steel stand has built-in lockable casters
• Steel top-mounted return rollers speed repetitive cuts
• Angled dust chute with 4″ port positions collection hose away from the work area while providing efficient chip and dust collection
• Table locks firmly in place, preventing movement during cutting
• Standard Equipment:
• 3HP TEFC motor with magnetic controls
• Byrd® helical cutterhead with inserts
• 4″ diameter dust port
• Cast iron extension tables
• Closed stand with built-in casters

Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System

A large portion of the design and engineering effort behind the Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System was devoted to striking a good balance between airflow volume and efficient filtration. Even the fins on the blower fan were subjected to considerable research and development to be sure they made the most effective fan for this application. The result is an air filtration system specifically designed from the ground up to function effectively in the woodshop environment.

It is important to understand the filtration numbers so often used to describe the efficiency of an air filter. Statements like “filters particles down to 5 microns” actually tell you little about efficiency. It is crucial to know the percentage of those particles actually captured as no filter is 100% effective. Increasing the filtration efficiency for a 1-micron particle for example becomes exponentially difficult. Knowing the percentage of a specific particle size an air filtration system removes is the only true indicator of how it will perform in your shop.

We at POWERMATIC believe in providing the most accurate and understandable efficiency numbers for all of our dust collection and air filtering equipment. That gives you the best information possible on which to base your buying decisions.

The Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System uses two filter stages, the outer to capture large particles and the inner smaller particles. The outer filter removes 99% of 5-micron particles. The inner filter captures 85% of 1-micron particles.

• Three-filter system includes a diffuser to disperse exhausted air
• Remote control operates on radio frequency for wider range of effectiveness
• Timer has nine settings, for up to nine hours of continuous operation
• Inner filter has fine mesh pockets for high efficiency, can be blown or washed clean
• Electrostatic outer filter is disposable
• Four eye bolts allow suspension from shop ceiling
• Indicator lights up after 200 hours to remind user to replace filters
• Three blower speeds to modify air flow
• Filter guards snap on and off easily for quick access to filters
• Two carry handles for portability
• Fully enclosed motor has overload protection for long service life.

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