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One of the hottest new items for woodworking is computer numerical control (CNC) machinery – and for good reason! Beyond the “very cool” factor, there are dozens and dozens of functional applications, and that list continues to grow. To help everyone understand the potential of CNC for woodworkers, we created this video series (in partnership with Axiom Tool Group, Inc.), to look at CNC as a concept, to answer many of the most common questions, and to show just a few of the very cool things that CNC can bring to your shop. We’ll be uploading a new segment every week, and we hope you enjoy the program!


Meet Todd Damon, the owner of the Axiom Tool Group, Inc., and learn a bit about what made him appreciate CNC machining and take a look at a couple of his projects that should help you rethink what CNC is all about.

Episode 1: Building a Better Machine 

There are a number of companies making CNC machinery for woodworkers. If you’ve never used a CNC machine before it may be confusing and daunting to try and understand the differences between the machines offered. In this episode, we take a look at some of the factors to consider when looking for a CNC machine.

Episode 2: Getting Started

Before you can make a project, you need to plan the project. In the case of CNC you need to design the project on screen using software. This can be an intimidating step, but it’s really quite simple. Follow along as we show you the steps and get the machine ready to use.

Episode 3: Cutting the Pocket

Making signs is one of the simplest of uses for a CNC machine, but it’s also a great way to learn the basic tasks in creating on a CNC machine. We start our sign in this first step by creating a pocket in a simple piece of barn wood.

Episode 4: Texturing & Letters

With the sign location determined, it’s time to have some fun with our sign. We add a cool background, or texture to the sign, then create lettered recesses so the sign starts to take shape.

Episode 5: Adding the Inlay

For the last step in creating our sign we switch to some simple scrap hardboard to create inlaid letters to make things pop! This impressive sign is simple to create, and whether it’s one or 100, it’s just as easy!

Episode 6: Laser CNC

CNC isn’t just for router bits. With a simple attachment, you can turn your CNC into a precision wood burning tool. Almost any kind of design can be imported into the software and then easily set to run. It’s almost as much fun to watch the design appear as it is to see the final project!

Episode 7: 3D Carving & Otterbein University

How about doing a little carving with your CNC machine? Not a problem. It’s like adding a simple lathe to your machine so that the software can work on all sides of the material. Sounds complicated, but new software lets you scan the image you’d like to carve, then simply import it into the project. Fun to watch, and fun to use!

Episode 8: CNC in More Than Wood

CNC isn’t just for wood. In fact, any material that can be cut by a carbide router bit can be milled on a CNC machine. The possibilities are enormous and with just a little bit of thought you’ll likely come up with lots of creative options for your next project.

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