Steve Shanesy Reviews New Glue Tool/Brush from Rockler

New Glue Tool/Brush from Rockler

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Over the years I have developed my index finger as a highly skilled glue-spreading appendage. Combine it with a proper bead of glue on the edge of a board and I can spread it evenly in nearly one swipe. The only bad part is the glue left on your finger then puts glue where you don’t want it while handling the wood.

Then a few weeks ago a package from Rockler landed on my desk. A newfangled glue spreading brush – they call it a tool – with the bristle business end made of cast silicone. Well, actually they sent two brushes, an unused one and one caked in dried glue. Supposedly, most wood glues won’t stick to the silicone. Watch the video to see how it works and learn more about this $3.99 tool. I’ll only add that as a glue spreading brush, it works very well.

–Steve Shanesy

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