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A New Manual for Biscuit Joiners

The 27 time-tested techniques to tame this often-tricky tool. by Robert W. Lang from the February 2007 issue The biscuit joiner is one of those tools that promises to make life so much easier. [...]

Breadboard Ends – 5 Approaches

Discover five cross-grain construction strategies to help keep your tabletops and chest lids flat. by Chuck Bender Cross-grain construction tends to freak out most beginning woodworkers, but it’s [...]

AW Extra 7/3/14 – Perfect Edge Joints

Perfect Edge Joints A 6-step tune-up sets your jointer straight. By Dave Munkittrick   Jointers are simple machines with few moving parts, but the two beds, the fence and the cutterhead all [...]

Loose Tenon Joinery

Loose Tenon Joinery Rout 4 variations of these super-strong joints with a versatile shop made jig. By Bill Hylton I’ve used a number of different methods to create mortise and tenon joints, [...]

Pocket Screws with Fine Furniture

In the lowboy build that I’m working on for the February 2014 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, I’ve decided to use pocket screws to attach the lowboy top instead of driving [...]

Classic Door Joinery

Classic Door Joinery How to make strong mortise and tenon joints with a plunge router and a tablesaw. By Tom Caspar Imagine turning the clock back 500 years and visiting a fellow woodworker in [...]

How To Glue Miter Joints-Wait a Minute

Miter joints can be a real source of frustration. The pieces need to be the exact length and the cut surfaces need to be as close to perfect as you can get them. If they don’t look great [...]

New Workbench Build

In 2006, as I began my first round at Popular Woodworking Magazine (PWM), I was told I had to build a workbench. Even with then editor Christopher Schwarz chest deep in workbench publications, it [...]

Skew Planing

Skew Planing By Alan Lacer The skew is one of the most useful tools in the turner’s arsenal. This article will get you on the right path towards mastering this tricky but useful tool . A lot of [...]


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