High-Tech Handsaws

Tool: Carcas Saw Buy Now Manufacturer: Veritas MSRP: $89+ Unplug the machines, relax and get ready for a good time with one of the oldest woodworking tools around: the handsaw. It’s [...]

A Better Handsaw

Tool: Universal Handsaw [Buy Now]  Manufacturer: Irwin MSRP: $18.99 You’re at the lumberyard, trying to fit a 10-ft. cherry board into your hatchback. It’s OK to cut it in two, but with what? [...]

The Core Hand Tools

For the cost of one large piece of machinery, you can set up a complete shop with hand tools. Here's what you need to get started.

Build a Frame Saw Part 5: Wrap up

A few months ago I blogged about plans for a frame saw design that was equipped with a hack saw blade. I explained how I intended to build this saw with my seventh grade class, focusing on [...]

The Saw Painters’ Mother Ship

Attention woodworkers in and around the Great Falls, Montana, area: Have you noticed a curious lack of vintage handsaws in your flea markets and antique malls? Well there’s a reason that greater [...]

On Storing Handsaws and Backsaws

Recently I’ve become somewhat obsessed by the puzzle of storing saws. During my years as a woodworker, I’ve been admonished many times for how I handle this tool. Here are a few choice ones to [...]

Ron Herman: ‘Sharpen Your Handsaws’

The first time I saw Ron Herman sharpen a handsaw, I learned more about sharpening the tool in 20 minutes than I had learned in all the years I’d been a woodworker. I had been sharpening my saws [...]

Seven Questions with Andrew Lunn

With Andrew Lunn’s announcement that he’s leaving the sawmaking business, the No. 1 question on all our minds is: Who will have the guts to pull a prank on Jameel Abraham from Benchcrafted at the [...]

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