Providence Writing Desk

Gentle curves and elegant details provide a place to get work done in style. By Mario Rodriguez Pages: 44-49 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now A friend of mine recently moved into a small apartment in Providence and needed a place from which she could pay bills,...

Chuck Bender’s Slant-lid Desk

This morning Chuck Bender from Acanthus Workshop stopped by the office on his way to deliver a piece of furniture to a client outside Cincinnati. After the traditional 15 minutes of Glen D. Huey and Chuck exchanging pastries (it’s Chuck’s birthday) and giving each other a rash of crap, Chuck let...

Contemporary Torsion-box Desk

This sharp-looking desk is sturdy and easy to make using basic tools and simple joinery. By David Thiel & John Hutchinson Pages: 80-85 From the December 2004 issue #145 Buy this issue now John Hutchinson is much more than Popular Woodworking’s illustrator. He’s also a talented furniture designer. When an e-mail...

Standing Desk Part 3: The Lower Case

Period accounts indicate 18th-century American cabinetmakers typically produced a wide variety of products. They were neither quite as specialized as some would have it, nor did they produce particularly great quantities of any one product.

Standing Desk

This is what I’m building (click the picture to enlarge): This is a joinery plan. It defines what joints go where. Period craftsmen would not have drawn such a thing. You’ll see details of each piece in coming articles. This is the design. Pattern books like Chippendale’s “Director…” were undimensioned versions...


Military Writing Desk

This desk is an adaptation of a British military officer's desk from the early 19th century. And while you might not be writing orders to your left flank on this desk, it is quite handy for keeping up with all your correspondence.