Carving Spanish Feet

A Delaware Valley foot and a Pennsylvania ring-and-vase turning combine to develop a period-style design. Years ago, when I first began my business as a period furniture maker, a close friend and [...]

Sandpaper Cutting Board

Having grown tired of bending and tearing sheet sandpaper again and again to get the size I need, I finally decided to employ the time-honored trick of cutting it with a hacksaw blade screwed to [...]

Easy Storage Bench

The inspiration for this “I Can Do That” storage bench was simple – I wanted it. Ever since I picked up a king-size bed at a liquidation sale, I wanted a matching bench to [...]

Tape-clamping Small Miters

When gluing miters for small mouldings, clear packing tape makes an ideal clamp. Begin by placing a strip of tape across the bottom of the joint; this will prevent glue squeeze-out from getting [...]

The Allure of the New

If all you have is a hammer, well, you might need another hammer. One of my favorite quotes is Baruch’s Observation: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. It seems like an [...]

Online Extras: April 2009 Issue

Online Extras for the April 2009 issue include a video about how to use glue for veneering, full-size patterns of the top and bottom side profiles of the Greene & Greene Medicine Cabinet, [...]

Tool Test: Ridgid’s Rock-top Saw

By Glen D. Huey Page: 31 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now Ridgid now has its version of a granite-top table saw on the market. With the motor mounted inside the cabinet and the [...]

Tool Test: Veritas Dovetail Saw

New saw design opens the door to hand sawing. By Robert W. Lang Page: 30 From the April 2009 issue #175 Buy this issue now One of the thrills of woodworking is learning a new technique and adding [...]

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