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Big New Planer

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If you're convinced that bigger is better, this is the planer for you. With 25-in. width capacity, 9-in. thickness capacity, a 15-hp, 3-phase motor and weighing in at a whopping 1906 pounds, the G0603X ($7,995) is the biggest planer Grizzly sells. This big boy features carbide insert cutters mounted in a spiral cutterhead. Insert cutters have 4 sharp edges, so they can be rotated, rather than replaced, when one edge gets dull. Carbide inserts stay sharp longer than tool steel knives, and they can even stand up to abrasive materials such as teak, glue or mdf. The G0603X is equipped with three feed rate speeds (20, 30 and 40 ft. per minute) and electronically controlled table elevation. The elevation reads out on an LCD screen, which can toggle between inch and metric measurements.  It even “remembers” commonly-used elevations so you can quickly and easily send the table to that planing height.

Grizzly Industrial, (800) 523-4777,, G0603X planer, $7995


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