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Four-Star Honing Guide

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The new Pinnacle Honing Guide ($99.99) consistently provides excellent sharpening results with both chisels and plane irons. The guide consists of a sled that travels on a pair of rails. Lock nuts within the rails allow mounting the guide on almost any sharpening stone. The sled has pre-set angles of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 degrees. Each angle also has a pre-set +2-degree micro-bevel position. Once the angle is set and the chisel or plane iron is locked in the sled, there's simply no way you can rock the tool and mess up the sharpening angle. The system is rock-solid and virtually foolproof. The stone's entire width can be used for sharpening, because both the iron's position in the sled and the stone's position within the guides can be varied. The sled, which holds irons up to 4-in.-wide, can also be removed and used on other surfaces, such as granite or glass.

Woodcraft Supply,(800) 225-1153,, Pinnacle Honing Guide, #147763, $99.99



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