Flossing A Planer’s Blades

Did you know that woodchips can tuck themselves under a planer’s blade? Well, as crazy as it sounds it really happen to me last week.  We have a great thickener planer in our shop. It’s a Ridgid [...]

Powermatic Muscle Machine

Tool: Powermatic 15HH Manufacturer: Powermatic MSRP: $3199 A powerful planer gets the job done much faster. Remember the ’65 Ford Thunderbolt? The ’67 Olds Cutlass? The ’69 [...]

Redesigned Planer

Redesigned Planer Delta has just introduced a new 13″ planer, the 22-590. It replaces the 22-580, a model that received top marks in our planer tool test back in 2003. In the years since, [...]

Q & A: Planer or Small Drum Sander?

Q & A: Planer or Small Drum Sander? Q: I’d like to try using more rough lumber, but I’m not sure whether to choose a portable planer at around four bills, or a drum belt sander at [...]

Q & A: Salvaging a Rusty Plane Iron

Q: I’ve got an old plane that my grandfather left me. I’d like to use it, but its cutting iron is really rusty. Do I need to buy a new one? A: Don’t throw away that iron yet. Flattening the …

Joint Rough Lumber with a Planer

Joint Rough Lumber with a Planer I came across some wonderful oak boards for a small table I wanted to build. The problem was the boards were too wide for my jointer and I didn't want to rip [...]

Power Planer Capacity

My recent dining table project build allowed me the perfect opportunity to dig into my stash of exceptionally wide – and wonderful – air-dried black walnut lumber. In that pile are boards up to [...]

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