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3-Sided Molder

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For years, the Woodmaster 12-in. Molder/Planer has been a faithful friend to small and medium-sized shops. It cuts a wide variety of moldings on the top surface of a board. Someone at Woodmaster just had a great idea: why not add two  3.5-hp Milwaukee routers to the machine and make three-sided moldings in a single pass? Well, they've figured it out.
Three-sided molders are standard in large production shops, and cost many thousands of dollars. Woodmaster's new system is far less expensive. A new 12-in. Woodmaster Molder/Planer with the 3-Side Molding System starts at $3,995. (The two routers can also be retrofitted to existing Woodmaster 18-in. and 25-in. molder/planers.) As you know, commercially-made molding can really add up in cost, and there's a limited number of species available. With your own 3-sided molder, you can turn out hundreds of feet of tongue-and-groove flooring, crown molding, base molding, and more, for far less cost, and you can use any wood you want. 

Woodmaster Tools, www.woodmastertools.com, (800) 821-6651, 3-Side Molding System, $3,995.


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