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Eliminate Fuzzy Fillets

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Freud's new Quadra-Cut router bits produce routed profiles with little or no tear out or fuzz even on cross-grain cuts. These unique, patented bits employ four cutting edges instead of two. The large profile cutters remove most of the stock with an upshear cut. Then a pair of downshear cutters makes the final cut to produce an ultra clean edge with no fuzz or splinters at the top surface. Freud is introducing the new Quadra-Cut technology in select edge-forming bits with 1⁄2-in. shanks. We got our hands on a round-over bit and tried it out on some red oak panels. The results were amazing (see photos above). Both bits were brand new, but the difference in cut quality, especially at the fillet on the top, was quite noticeable. We made full-profile cuts in a single pass to really put the design to the test. The Quadra-Cut bit left a near-perfect surface requiring only a light sanding before finishing (Photo A). A standard bit of the same profile left a lot of fuzz and tearout at the top of the fillet (Photo B). Needless to say, we were very impressed with this bit design.

Freud, www.freudtools.com 


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