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Scrap Wood Cutting Boards

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Scrap Wood Cutting Boards

Turn trash into treasure.

By Yoav Liberman

I love hard cheeses and hard-crust
breads. My cheese-making skills
are limited and my baking talent
is admired only in our household
and among close friends, so I use my
woodworking skills to make distinctive
cutting boards to serve the foods I like.

The secret to my designs is using
cast-off lumber, those short cutoffs
and deformed pieces that usually
get thrown out
or burned in
the fireplace
(Photo 1). I’ll
demonstrate how
I deal with the
imperfections that
characterize the
scrap pieces I use.
I’ll also explain how
to turn a handle
that’s functional and

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I make beautiful cutting boards from
gnarly offcuts. Maple, beech, cherry and
birch are safe woods to use for serving food.

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This story originally appeared in American Woodworker December/January 2009, issue #139.

December/January 2009, issue #139

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