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Dust Storm Disaster

After reading about the health hazards of microscopic dust particles,
I decided to retrofit my old dust collector with a canister filter.
This was its second upgrade: I’d already wired my collector to
automatically start whenever I turned on one of my stationary machines. I
removed the collector’s top bag to get a precise measurement of the
metal ring the canister would fit on. Then I phoned the dealer,
confirmed that the canister would fit perfectly on my old collector and
placed my order

Two or three days later, I went out to the shop to turn some legs on
the lathe. As usual, starting the lathe automatically turned on the dust
collector. Yikes! I’d forgotten to reattach the bag! In seconds my shop
was enveloped in a dense cloud of red dust, all of the sanding residue
from my previous project, a set of cherry kitchen cabinets. Holding my
breath, I groped to shut off the power and ran for the door. I returned a
half hour later to find everything covered by a thick layer of red
dust. Even after a thorough cleaning, I’m sure I’ll be finding red dust
for years to come.


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