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Oneida Air Systems Clear Plastic Dust Deputy

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The Dust Deputy converts an ordinary shop vacuum into a hi-efficiency cyclone vacuum.  It separates 99+ % of all dust and material before the vacuum barrel solving filter clogs and maintenance problems inexpensively.  Material separation is easy to see in the clear cyclone with nearly all waste going into the container under the cyclone, not into the shop vacuum.  

The Dust Deputy is ideal for separating wood, drywall, carbon and many other fine dusts that would quickly clog the vacuum filter. 

The Dust Deputy is a static dissipative clear plastic molded miniature cyclone that can be mounted directly on or used with any standard shop vacuum.  With the addition of the Dust Deputy the shop vacuum maintains peak vacuum performance even with continuous collection of fine dust over extended periods of time.  

Oneida Air Systems
1001 West Fayette Street
Syracuse NY  13204



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