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If you've ever struggled to get perfectly flush pocket-screw joints, Kreg's new Klamp Table may be the perfect helping hand you need. The Klamp Table combines several of Kreg's Klamp System components into one amazing clamping station. In addition to the table, you get Kreg's Bench Klamps, Klamp Blocks and Klamp Trak sections. Utilizing a simple technology called Inter-Lok, the Bench Klamps can be quickly added almost anywhere you need them. You can also buy Klamp components separately: add a Klamp Trak to the entire length of your workbench and start clamping where you've never been able to clamp before.

Kreg Klamp Table, 800-447-8638,, $400 Includes 2 Bench Klamps, 5 Klamp Blocks, 2 lengths of Klamp Trak, a durable melamine surface, 4 leveling feet, and assembly hardware.

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