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I used to have a desk in my shop for reviewing cutlists and drawing plans. I really liked having that permanent spot for my calculator, pens, pencils and paper, but its big horizontal surface was a magnet for piling up junk. That's why I was thrilled to find Duluth Trading Company's new Plan Station, $69.50.  Although designed with a job-site contractor in mind, I've found it's a perfect solution for my shop.  Since it folds up, it removes the temptation to “pile stuff here” and takes up no floor space. The Plan Station, made of heavy-duty nylon fabric, hangs on the wall by two steel loops 48-in. apart. The Plan Station's rigidity comes from two 24 x 48 in. plywood panels that you'll need to provide. Just slip them into the vertical and horizontal panels. When the desk is open, you have a 24 x 48-in work surface.  The vertical panel has large and small pockets to keep office supplies organized.  There's even an access hole for a laptop cord and a drink holder to secure my ever-present coffee thermos. When you're done, fold up the horizontal surface and secure it with the hook and loop closures.  It seals very well, and stays fairly dust-free inside.

Duluth Trading Company, (800) 505-8888, www.duluthtrading.com Plan Station, #22668, $69.50.



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