Friday’s Tip for February 28th

No-Hassle Filter Cleaning My air filter works great and sure makes my shop a cleaner and healthier place to work. But cleaning the pleated filter was always a problem. Blowing or shaking it out [...]

How to Build a Library, Literally

Most of our readers have long since moved on from built-ins, and I have started to move on too, but it never hurts to circle back to some basics. If you’re like a lot of woodworkers, you got [...]

An Economic Truth About Cut Nails

I prefer to use cut nails in reproduction work because they hold better and look right to my eye. But when it comes to cut headless brads, which are used to hold moulding in place while the glue [...]

Q & A: Soaking Stones

Q & A: Soaking Stones   Q: I just bought a 6,000-grit Japanese waterstone mounted on a wooden base. Can I soak it like my other stones? Also, what’s the purpose of a Nagura stone? [...]

AW Extra 2/27/14 – Accurate Bevels

Accurate Bevels The standard angle scale on my bandsaw is too small to read accurately. I made a large, new scale on the back side of my bandsaw and attached a pointer stick to the back edge of [...]

5 Simple Ratios for Design

Here’s a list of 5 simple ratios to keep in mind at any stage in your design process, or frankly any time you are building something! 1:1 – The ratio of reader to editor that we like to maintain [...]

‘A Better Blanket Chest Design’

I’m working on a book project at the moment in which we’re including an article that refers to another article…and I’m out of pages. So instead of editing around the [...]

Reverse Hide Glue’s Bond

Whenever I talk about glue to clubs and classes, I hand around a bottle of liquid hide glue and ask them to tell me what its disadvantages are. “It’s weak.” Actually no, it produces a bond [...]

Hollow-chisel Mortiser in Action

Hollow-chisel mortisers are one of my favorite tools. When mortising machines were first invented, a drill bit and a chisel were mounted side by side. Ralph and Robert Greenlee changed all that, [...]

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