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Dovetail Jig for a Router Table

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The new Route-R-Joint from Woodline USA, $179, is a unique dovetailing jig. Instead of handling a router on top of the jig, you invert the jig on top of your router table.  The Route-R-Joint can cut half-blind and through dovetails, along with heart shaped and other unique corner joints.  And there's an incredible lifetime warranty on the templates, even if you plow into them with a router bit.  Wow! I like the stability provided by inverted routing.  A hand-held router on a jig can tip and ruin your work.  There's little chance of tipping with the Route-R-Joint.The Route-R-Joint excels at providing lots of different corner joints in one package, for a pretty reasonable price.  Setting up the joint is a little bit fussier on the Route-R-Joint than on conventional half-blind dovetail jigs, but it didn't take me too long to get used to it.  The owner's manual for the jig is OK, but the DVD that's included does a better job of explaining assembly and use of the Route-R-Joint. Standard equipment with the jig includes the required guide bushings, one dovetail and one straight bit, and templates for through and half-blind dovetails and heart shaped joints.  Twelve additional template shapes are available, $18 per set. The jig depends on Porter Cable-style guide bushings mounted in the router table, so your table insert has to be capable of accepting them.  The guide bushings are included with the jig.

Woodline USA, (800) 472-6950, Route-R-Joint, $179, Additional templates, $18/set.



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