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Corral Tablesaw Dust

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Tablesaws are notorious for spewing fine dust everywhere. This dust isn't just a nuisance; it's hazardous to breathe. The Dust Cutter, a fabric bag that easily fastens underneath most benchtop and contractor-style saws (up to 17-in. by 20-in. in size), corrals up to 90 percent of that dust, according to the manufacturer. The Dust Cutter's bag has a dust collection port that accommodates both 2-1/2-in. and 1-1/4-in. hoses. It also has a zippered bottom, so it can funnel dust directly into a waste receptacle positioned underneath. Plug the collection port and zip the zipper to collect dust in the bag.

Keen Products, (401) 783-3813, Dust Cutter, $40

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