How to Spread Glue with a Squeegee

AW Extra 6/26/14 – Glue Squeegee

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Glue Squeegee

I stack-laminate boards to create turning blanks. Each blank contains numerous laminations, so I have to work fast during assembly. To spread glue quickly and evenly, I use a squeegee designed for silkscreening. You can buy one at an art supply store for about $7. (A regular window-cleaning squeegee from the hardware store would also work.) After squeezing glue onto the surface, I spread it with the squeegee. The amount of pressure I put on the squeegee determines how much glue remains on the surface— I like to leave an even, semitransparent layer. It’s easy to transfer excess glue to a gluestarved area or to the next piece, and cleaning the plastic squeegee is a snap.



This story originally appeared in American Woodworker August 2006, issue #123.

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