Self-Storing Glue Kit

Self-Storing Glue Kit Gluing up a project can turn ugly in a hurry if you don’t have all your supplies on hand. I put together a kit that contains everything I need: a small white-nylon [...]

Tips for Working with Plywood

Article sponsored by Woodpeckers. Working with plywood is always an adventure. The large size of the sheets isn’t easy to handle in my small shop. This means that I’m often left wrestling these [...]

Workshop Tips: Magnetic Clamping Pads

C-clamps can make nasty dents that are tough to sand out. Pads or block will prevent this, but they’re often awkward to hold in place while you tighten the clamps. I make pads that [...]

Tool Review: Bessey GearKlamp

The Bessey GearKlamp is designed to reach into places that just weren’t possible with your average bar clamp or f-clamp. Today on the blog, David Lyell gives us his review.

C-Clamps for Demanding Jobs

In my ongoing quest for finding adequate substitutions for the vanishing North American clamp manufacturers, I recently discovered an exceptionally strong forged steel C-clamp that will surely [...]

AW Extra 6/26/14 – Glue Squeegee

Glue Squeegee I stack-laminate boards to create turning blanks. Each blank contains numerous laminations, so I have to work fast during assembly. To spread glue quickly and evenly, I use a [...]

Q & A: Glue-Line Rip Blade

Q: I use my jointer to clean up sawn edges before glue-up. The results are great except when I try to joint figured wood. Any suggestions? A: Jointing highly figured wood often leaves nasty [...]

AW Extra 1/23/14 – Glue & Clamps

Glue & Clamps A dry run is the key to a hassle-free glue-up. By Ian Kirby Everything looked good, until you added glue and clamps. Then the wood began to slip and slide, you scrambled for [...]

AW Extra 10/10/13 – Working Alone

Working Alone Solitary Strategies for Three-Handed Tasks By Tim Johnson One of woodworking’s major attractions is being able to say, “I built that myself.” On the surface, this [...]


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