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AW Extra 12/5/13 – Double-Duty Roller Tables

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Roller Tables

I like getting double duty out of
my tools whenever possible. So,
when I decided to build outfeed
tables for my miter saw and tablesaw,
I worked up this dual-use
design.The roller tables are simple
to switch between machines
and take up very little space when
I store them against the wall.

I made the roller frames from
2x2s, a 1×4 and eight rollers. I just
clamp the rollers to a pair of
sawhorses when I use them with
my tablesaw. I adjusted the height of
my sawhorses so the tops of the
rollers sit about 1/8-in. below the
top of my tablesaw.When I use them
with my miter saw I add a couple of
spacer boards to make the rollers
level with the miter saw’s table. It
cost me about $100 to build the
roller frames, not including
the sawhorses.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker May 2003, issue #100.

May 2003, issue #100

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