Q & A: Clean Cuts in a Countertop

Clean Cuts in a Countertop   Q: I have a plastic laminate countertop that’s about 12 in. too long. I know that plastic laminate tends to chip when cut. How can I trim the countertop to [...]


This i made for grandchildren for christmas, all made from reclaimed timber. This is solid timber and very sturdy,it has casters on it for easy movement .This will last 10 times longer than [...]

Friday’s Tip for December 27th

Workbench Joint Plans for my knock-down workbench called for the 2 x 4 stretchers to be fastened with bolts and hex nuts. I'd have to rout huge pockets, weakening the stretcher, in order to [...]

SketchUp Tricks Part 2

This post is Part 2 of a multi-part series on SketchUp Tricks. More precisely, methods of modeling that save time. In SketchUp Tricks Part 1 I showed you some methods to draw boards with [...]

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