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cityskylineIn the comments on my post from yesterday, all possibilities were eventually correctly postulated for the location for Woodworking in America 2015. But which of the four possible cities is it? (I’m now wishing my hints had been less narrow…I have to string this out for a few more days until the conference team says I can reveal the location.)

So, more hints:

• I can drive there in one stint, with perhaps a break or three. (This doesn’t really help you; I’ve been known to drive 18 hours straight though…and it has never taken me as long from point A to point B as Google Maps says it will.)
• I do not have relatives by blood or marriage w/in “once-removed” living there. (This will help narrow it for only a handful of people…none of whom are woodworkers.)
• To the best of my recollection, I’ve never visited this city.
• There are lots of institutes of higher learning in or near this city.
• There is an NFL team in this city.
• I’m looking forward to the regional fare…and I am not a vegetarian.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • oldster

    Lee (the saw guy) says:

    I’m going to Kansas City
    Kansas City, here I come
    I’m going to Kansas City
    Kansas City, here I come
    They got a crazy way of loving there
    And I’m gonna get me one

    I’m gonna be standing on the corner
    12th Street and Vine
    I’m gonna be standing on the corner
    12th Street and Vine
    With my Kansas City baby
    And a bottle of Kansas City wine

    Well, I might take a plane I might take a train
    But if I have to walk I’m going just the same
    I’m going to Kansas City
    Kansas City, here I come
    They got some crazy little women there
    And I’m gonna get me one


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    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

  • Nlombardo

    100% its KC. The first hints gave it away, especially the one about the fountains. Only a 4 hr drive for me from St. Louis. Cant wait!

  • abt

    Not a bad place has been mentioned in these posts, and Kansas City, which that fuzzy skyline picture seems to show, would fit right in there. Good choice, if that’s the choice, and good potential choices all around.

  • jeberle

    It’s clear that it’s either KC or Saint Louis.
    Everything up to now hast been eastern US
    Time to expand market west

  • Matt_Rob

    Memphis has the dry rub ribs BBQ,Nashville has pulled pork with a thin spicy sauce with slaw,Kansas City has burnt ends, brisket chunks with thick sweet sauce.
    Cincinnati has Skyline chili, the picture posted above is the skyline of Kansas City.

  • jwaldron

    I apologize if I seem unduly harsh, but I do hope this stuff is not the “substance” of PopWood for very long. An occasional foray into fluff is fine; I know and believe most readers know how hard it is to produce substantive content, and you obviously have some holes to fill. OTOH, the in-house content has been awfully thin and and the outside content on the site has been limited. I’d like to hear a word or two on when things are likely to ramp up to a more normal level.

  • mvflaim

    New Orleans. Best fare in the country.

  • AndremG7

    As long as Megan posted a distorted photo/painting of the target city, it’s definitely Kansas City. Compare the skyline with the photo on Wikipedia. No need to continue the debate. Book you hotel rooms. Case closed. Next?

  • NormReid

    Several possibilities haven’t been mentioned: Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia and DC. Baltimore is in Maryland, of course, and the flag is mainly red and yellow so it fails on that basis. I’ll bet Megan has been to Philly since WIA was near there a few years ago. DC isn’t really a state and I’m betting she’s been there as well. So, my money is on Boston (which, by the way, does have distinctive regional fare).

  • woodbridge

    I’m sticking with my original thought – Kansas City. This is definitely the Downtown Kansas city skyline looking northwest. The profile of your picture matches the this one from Wikipedia (,_Missouri).

  • pmac

    Assuming the picture above is not a ruse, that my friends is Kansas City. Find an image and do your own comparison. And looking at the US census webpage, not a wiki, KC has a larger populous than St. Louis. (city, not county)

  • ahae5d

    Building off of John Cashman’s list from the last post and adding St. Louis since it has the largest metro area in Missouri:
    Denver – NFL Team – Broncos, not known for regional fare, few universities

    Atlanta – NFL Team – Falcons, Southern food, Numerous public and private universities: per wiki “Atlanta is home to the largest concentration of colleges and universities in the Southern United States.”

    Kansas City – NFL Team – Chiefs, Beef based BBQ (and the best beef based BBQ IMHO), Several universities but I would not say lots.

    St. Louis – NFL Team – Rams, St. Louis is known for pork ribs, Imos pizza, and toasted ravioli, Numerous public and private institutions. Largest metropolitan area in Missouri but not the largest city.

    Houston – No river.

    Sadly it is looking like Atlanta (though I find it hard to believe Megan has never been there).

  • tsangell

    That is the Kansas City skyline, or I am an Unkey’s Moncle.

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