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Last year when we moved the crates for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event into our former shop, it was a half-hour production with a lot of grunting, sweating and jerry-rigging to get the 3,000+ pounds of Lie-Nielsen goodies off the truck, through inconveniently narrow gates to the “loading dock” outside our doors, over the annoyingly high threshold and into the shop.

This year, the delivery driver rolled them off his lift gate onto the parking lot, then our kindly neighbor in the building, Gary Schaffeld, picked them up with his forklift, drove through the roll-up door and deposited them in the large common area we share with the F+W Media photography/video folk. Three minutes and done. There wasn’t time for me to run and get the video camera.

So now we have 3,100 pounds worth of shiny bronze, iron, steel and wood languishing in crates (I trust the mannequins will enjoy the new scenery) until the gang arrives from Lie-Nielsen to set up for the March 30-31 Hand Tool Event (more info about the show is available on the Lie-Nielsen site). And you can come to the show and try out every one of those tools (there’s a few new tools in those crates that I’m just itching to get my hands on).

Now, we just have to clear out the common area to make room. So while the crate move-in was a snap, the clearing out will, I’m sorry to say, involve a lot of grunting and sweating. Not to mention creative stowing.

— Megan Fitzpatrick








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