Lie-Nielsen Open House Slide Show

Apologies for the delay in posting this; I took a few days’ vacation in Maine after the Lie-Nielsen Open House, then the last 10 days or so to catch up (well, to try to catch [...]

Butt Chisels & Butt Mortise Planes

In the short video posted last Thursday (1/30/2014), Christopher Schwarz talks about chisels. At the tail end of the clip, he talks about butt chisels where he mentions that these chisels are [...]

String Inlay Tools – Radius Cutters

On Hannah’s Inlaid Chest from our June 2013 magazine (issue #204), I scratched most of the string inlay by hand using tools from both Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Lee Valley/Veritas. Of the [...]

New Bulletproof Vises from Lie-Nielsen

Lie-Nielsen’s heavy-duty chain-drive mechanism has recently been used to create two new vises from the Warren, Maine, tool manufacturer – a dovetailing vise and a leg vise. I got a chance to use [...]

Lie-Nielsen Visitors: How to Find Us

Preparations are under way for the Lie-Nielsen event here at our shop tomorrow and Saturday. If you’re familiar with these events, you won’t want to miss it, and if you’ve never [...]

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