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Last month we showed you a preview of Len Hovarter’s interesting twin-screw vise (check out that entry here and see a video). Today Hovarter’s web site went live and is offering a $25 discount for pre-orders before Sept. 15.

The web site for Hovarter Custom Vise is:

We’ve received our vise hardware from Hovarter, which is sitting patiently behind me in my office. Megan Fitzpatrick and I are going to try to start building some benches for Woodworking in America this week. Maybe Thursday , if the editing part of our jobs doesn’t get in the way. I’m planning to put the Hovarter vise on one of the benches as a twin-screw face vise. The other bench will get the awesome Glide vise from Benchcrafted.

Oh, you didn’t hear? It’s Yuppy Bench Hardware Week. It was in all the newspapers.

The Hovarter twin-screw kit is $350 to $360 depending on the configuration you want. His web site also has assembly instructions for the vises, which will give you an idea of what’s involved.

I’ve been unpacking the hardware and examining it during my nanoseconds of free time. Everything looks overbuilt and shiny.

– Christopher Schwarz

More Workbench Resources to Investigate When Your Boss Ain’t Looking

– Check out the European Sjoberg site. There are lots of interesting workbench forms there that we don’t have here.

– While at Roy Underhill’s I worked on these Hoffman & Hammer workbenches. The tops were nice. The bases looked a little spindly to my Frenchyfied eyes. But at that price, it might be worth building a base for. We didn’t have any sagging tail vises, but there’s always tomorrow.

– And for those of you dwelling beneath a boulder, I have a new DVD out “Build an 18th-century Workbench.” It includes tons of extra materials to help you build the burly French beast in our shop right now.

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  • Quin Leach

    You say "Overbuilt" and "Shiny" like they are bad things! (grin)

  • Swanz

    Mama Mia! $360 for a twin vice kit. These expensive contraptions are fun to read about.

  • Jonathan

    Wow. More Workbenches? Did the caterer run out of tables so we are all going to eat on workbenches for the Roubo Dinner? :-p

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