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Thank you all. We received more than 150 entries in our “Caption the Photo Contest.” But curses on those  who mentioned “The Macarena” , that  song has been stuck in my head for days. I don’t like that song. I never liked that song. (That said, it does look as if Glen could be practicing the dance…¦). And a special shout out to Farm100 who put a  more enjoyable song in my head with the “Pirates of Penzance” parody , very clever.

To the Shakespearean entries: Pandering! Pure pandering! (Which of course I enjoyed.) And to those that were perhaps a bit, well, too close to home (does this blog make me look fat?): I simply can’t condone that type of behavior…¦because I suspect I’m soon to be in the firing line.

A lot of the entries made me chuckle, some elicited a guffaw, but only a handful necessitated the cleaning of Diet Coke off my keyboard. And if you didn’t win, just chalk it up to my warped sense of humor.

Here’s my Top 10:

10. “Work fascinates me, I can think about it for hours.”
, Jamie Ray

9. Senior Editor Glen D. Huey testing the structural integrity of local trees while memorizing his lecture material.
, Anonymous

8. Worn out after completing the macrame components, Glen tests the strength of the timber laminations in our hammock swing project.
, anonymous

7. During research for an upcoming article, Glen spent hours using this elaborate rig to test the strength properties of the oak board (shown in photo above his head).
, Lynn Hagans

6. “Oh, you wanted me to “Go find some hemlock!?” I thought you said “Go find a hammock.” My bad.
, Raj

5. Glen demonstrates power tool safety by staying as far away from them as possible.
, Ken Copenhaver

4. “I’m not sleeping, I’m testing a new butt-laminate press.”
, JJ Gray

3. “And here kids, we have the “supinus glenhueyus,” also known as the Southern Yellow Supine. It’s often planted as an ornamental and has little commercial value.”
, RC

2. Welcome to the Acanthus Workshops wood carving course. Today we will sculpt the classic “Glen in Repose”. Does everyone have the required 250lb block of White Pine and your chainsaws?
, David Pearce

1. (Who gets a free copy of our latest CD, “The Arts & Mysteries of Hand Tools”): “I’m so sorry I had to lay down for a spell, I saw someone sharpen a chisel – by hand no less – and got the most awful case of the vapors. Why I near fainted at the site of it! Savages”
, Josh (and Josh, if you’re reading this, please send my your address!)

Again,  thanks for playing!

– Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • David Pearce

    Wow, so close. I can’t believe my Shakespearean pandering didn’t pay off better than that!

    Of course, I’ll take second over no mention at all. 😉

  • Pete Bretzke

    The Vapors! That’s classic!!

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