Hand Drafting Skill-builder FAQ

Q: Is there ever a time in the hand drafting process when you use paper with lines on it, such as graph paper? A: If I am out in the field and do not have a portable drafting setup, then …

A great box to have dinner with…

What discussion of shop-made boxes would be complete without something dovetailed? A common project for many woodworkers is a dovetailed box. It’s a great warmup for making drawers and [...]

Working in the Round

As we continue to explore customized storage solutions from the workshop, a fun way to make an interesting container is to turn one. If you have (or have access to) a lathe and a little bit of [...]

Aging 100 Years in a Day

Building customized storage solutions is one of the joys of being a woodworker. I never seem to have enough storage at home or in the shop. On days when I don’t have a lot of time in the [...]

Sloyd Tool List Spreadsheet

Tool Pricing Analysis, 1900-2013 (Complete Sloyd List) Tool Original Price Original Price in Today’s $ Today’s Price 2′ Folding Wood Rule $0.15 $4.05 $24.00 6″ Metal Blade [...]

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