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Veritas Shooting Plane

 In November 2013 #207, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

by Charles Bender
page 16
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Just as with all the planes Veritas produces, its shooting plane is sleek, well thought-out and ready to tackle the toughest jobs.

With a weight of 7.7 pounds, the Veritas shooting plane gathers momentum quickly and slices through the end grain of even the most rock-hard exotics. But despite its heft, it’s easy to use for extended periods of time because it runs on a shooting board – there is no lifting.

To put the plane through its paces, I decided to use it as it came from the box. The tool I tested had a PM-V11 blade (it’s also available with an O1 blade). It was sharp and ready to work – though a quick honing would have made it even better (which is typical for any new edge tool). The cutting edge has held up well, even after extensive use.

Read the complete tool test.

Video: Watch Chuck Bender take the Veritas Shooting Plane for a test drive. Coming soon
Web Site: Visit the Lee Valley web site.

From the November 2013 issue #207
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