12 Things About Working Teak

1. Your house will smell like Pier 1 2. Because of teak’s waxiness, your machines will be able to take only about one-fourth of their usual cut. Teak bogs everything down. 3. When handplaning it, [...]

A Wee App-etizer

Every week or so, I get a handful of questions along these lines: “Why don’t you have a mobile app for the magazine?” My answer has long been along this line: “Well, we [...]

Friday’s Tip for September 27th

Temporary Zero-Clearance Insert My small tablesaw and accessories follow me to jobsites every day. One morning I needed to rip thin slats from a 2 x 4 and wouldn't you know it, I forgot my [...]

A Better Woodworking Push Block

Say the name GRR-Ripper and most woodworkers who own a table saw know the product. It’s a great tool to use for ripping, especially when cutting thin strips or on odd configurations – I use [...]

A Cure for ‘Idleshopalitis’

Chuck Bender, senior editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, gives you a compelling reason to come to Woodworking in America 2013. Warning: the following video may expose some deeply concealed [...]

Getting Bit by the Toothed Planing Stop

I know there are people who use edge tools straight out of the box, but I can’t. I always sharpen them. So why should workbench accessories be any different? For many years I’ve been indifferent [...]

A Jack Plane with a Rounded Sole

When preparing stock by hand, the most useful plane is probably the jack plane (sometimes called the fore plane among joiners). Its curved iron allows you to remove a remarkable amount of [...]

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