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Lixie Dead Blow Mallet

 In February 2018 #237, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

by Brendan Gaffney
page 14

Well-fit joinery (not too loose, not too tight) and well-planned glue-ups rarely need much persuasion – but I am not always lucky enough to find myself with either of those. In the past, I’ve used big rubber mallets, small sledges and framing hammers (with a block of wood, of course) to bring home tight joints or break apart a glue joint.

During a recent glue-up, I slipped and ended up with a hammerhead-shaped ding in a workpiece from a glue-up gone wrong. I’ve seen a number of recommended rubber and dead-blow  mallets, but I remembered one we had at College of the Redwoods (now the Krenov School) – the Lixie Dead Blow Mallet. This messy glue-up was what I needed to finally get around to ordering one.

Read the full review here.

Video: Watch a short video where we test the different heads on various woods.

From the February 2018 issue

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