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Delta re-invents its flagship table saw with great success. Bravo.
By Glen D. Huey
Page: 28

From the August 2009 issue #177
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There’s been so much written about Delta’s new Unisaw that it’s difficult not to repeat the information for a second or third time. But many of the design changes are significant enough to point out once again.

The most noticeable changes are right up front. Both the height-adjustment and angle-bevel cranks are located on the front of the saw. The crescent opening on the older Unisaw that allowed the height-adjustment handle to move as the bevel angle was changed is gone. Both cranks are fixed.

But that’s not the entire story. Never have we operated a saw with adjustments as easy to turn as these. The motion is as smooth as good ice cream on a summer day. And when you lock the handles, they are locked tight. Also, there’s no backlash in the setup.

From the August 2009 issue #177
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