Cheap On-board Task Lighting

I’ve been noticing a lot of new tools these days that come equipped with on-board task lighting. Then while recently perusing my local home-improvement center, I noticed these small [...]

The Science of Wood Glue

Delve into the characteristics and properties of the 7 families of glue and adhesives. OK, so you consider yourself a woodworker. Let’s say that your neighbor asks you what appears to be a simple [...]

Establishing Depth Reference

Establishing Depth Reference A recent project required making a series of small wooden panels with shallow concave faces. For efficiency and accuracy, I decided to make a series of preliminary [...]

Wipe, Don’t Brush Stain

Wiping is fast, almost as fast as spraying (without the downside of having to clean the spray gun). Wiping is also every bit as effective in all situations except possibly into recesses such as [...]

Easy Knife Block

One piece of wood and a lot of bamboo skewers do the trick to make this simple and fun knife block.

Off-the-shelf Clamp Rack

I have a humble number of bar and pipe clamps and no time or desire right now to build a dedicated clamp rack for them. Instead, I installed a standard closet bracket on my shop wall for the [...]

Tool Test: A Beefy, Battery-powered Jigsaw

By Glen D. Huey Page: 29 From the August 2009 issue #177 Buy this issue now Milwaukee has added a jigsaw to its M18 line of tools – M18 refers to the 18-volt line of Lithium-ion battery-powered [...]

Tool Test: Czeck Edge Marking Tools

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 29 From the August 2009 issue #177 Buy this issue now Yes, you can mark out your joints with a pocket knife, a craft knife or a sharpened piece of Chevy bumper. But [...]

Tool Test: The New Unisaw

Delta re-invents its flagship table saw with great success. Bravo. By Glen D. Huey Page: 28 From the August 2009 issue #177 Buy this issue now There’s been so much written about Delta’s new [...]

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