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'The Arts & Mysteries of Hand Tools' — A New CD featuring Adam Cherubini

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On our newest CD, “The Arts & Mysteries of Hand Tools,” we’ve collected everything Contributing Editor Adam Cherubini has written over the years , from his first “Arts & Mysteries” column in April 2005 to his most recent in August 2009 , 31 stories in all.

Plus, you’ll find hand-tool articles from Popular Woodworking on sharpening, handplanes, chisels, saws and more!

All of the articles are in an easy-to-search and easy-to-use pdf format.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

– The Ultimate Hand-tool Shop
Ideal bench placement, convenient tool-storage solutions and a dedicated sharpening station are the key considerations in creating the “perfect” hand-tool shop. Once these are established, there’s rarely a need for a larger space, no matter how many hand tools you acquire.

– 18th-century Standing Desk
This seven-article series walks you through period design and construction techniques as Adam builds a handsome standing desk for his shop.

– Hand Tools in the Modern Shop
Discover the simple steps anyone can take to quickly become an accomplished hand-tool user , from mastering the essential skill of sharpening to using planes, chisels and handsaws like a pro.

Order your copy today , just $19.95!

– Megan Fitzpatrick

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