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Fair warning: I have little doubt that we will sell out our Woodworking in America conference Oct. 1-3 in Cincinnati. We already have more people registered than we did for our first conference in Berea, Ky., and we’ve only had registration open for two weeks.

The size of the conference is capped at about 400 people for two reasons , one, there is only so much space at conference center; and two, we want this experience to be as intimate as possible so you can have face time with the instructors.

Also, our conference staff informed me that we are now officially sold out of two of the extra-curricular events (the trip to “White Water Shaker Village” and the “Feast of Andre Roubo”). We do, however, still have space for our “Toolmakers’ Dinner” at our offices (thanks to some good ideas from the staff, we were able to double the capacity we can hold).

So, if you are holding off on registering, you might want to re-think your strategy. If we sell out, we won’t be able to offer one- and two-day passes to the classes.

Just saying.

To register, visit

– Christopher Schwarz

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