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Next Generation Craftsman Tools

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Remember Craftsman Tools? I do! Best hand tools in the world, and if you busted one you took it back to the store and they gave you a new one … no questions asked. And everyone had at least one toolbox from Craftsman – whether in their truck, shop or basement. Well, Craftsman (and their previous parent company Sears) have had some rocky years recently, but it looks like plans are in the works to put the shine back on the Craftsman brand. To make a long story short, the Craftsman brand was purchased by Stanley Black & Decker last year and while Craftsman tools are still available in Sears stores, they’re also now available in Lowe’s stores across the country. And there are some major plans in store for the brand.


Those plans are welcome and honestly needed. The Craftsman line has suffered in quality and reputation over the years and to many who would only buy Craftsman it’s meant trying to find a new go-to tool brand. In two weeks I’ll be attending a re-launch of the Craftsman line under Stanley Black & Decker, and from what I’ve seen so far, they understand the heritage and history of the brand and plan to keep the name alive and respected. I look forward to reporting back on their plans and my impressions, and I expect we’ll be reviewing a number of new products from Craftsman in the near future.

 – David Thiel

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  • David Lyell
    David Lyell

    I read in a different article that part of their intention is to bring some of the manufacturing back to the states. I’m sure David Thiel will hear all about this at the event!

  • Rlew

    But no more made in USA
    The quality is no longer there.

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