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Senior Editor Glen D. Huey and I were chatting yesterday morning about air tools. He really likes air-powered sanders. And we know that some of our contributors like air-powered tools so much that they tote compressors to the jobsite to run their drills, sanders and routers.

But before we began exploring air-powered tools, we were curious about what equipment our readers have. Do you have a compressor? What size is it?

If you could take our quick poll below, that will help us figure out several possible stories we’re considering for future issues.

Thanks in advance!

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Bikerdad

    Easy question for me to answer, all I had to do was look at the picture in the blog post!! Noisy beast for sure, but mighty handy.

  • Barry Johnson

    The survey is probably flash and right below the text in the entry.

    I can’t imagine carrying a compressor capable of running high cfm air tools to a jobsite. I just bought a smaller compressor to use on jobsites for installing trim, a nice light and QUIET 1 gallon Dewalt. Thinking about it more I don’t know if they make a 120volt air compressor that can supply the high cfm that a sander would require, and what are the chances that a HO has a spare 240 outlet around in a good location.

    I use electric sanders/drills/etc and such for a very good reason. I know everyplace I go has an outlet and I have no single point of failure for my tools.

    Granted air tools last longer, are quieter in operation,and can provice a fine finish, but with todays higher quality tools (Think festool) the gap has gotten much smaller IMO.

    The only time I think you readers would be using strictly air tools would be in a dedicated commercial shop, and I can only guess that is a very small percentage of your base.

    My 2d, probably worth less than that…


  • dave brown

    I don’t see a link to a survey. Is it just me?

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