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“Insightful … erudite … polished … scholarly”, just a few of the words that we’d like to use when talking about the host of I Can Do That!, Chad Stanton. But seriously the words that are used are more impressive, “love your work”, “simple and thorough”, “exactly what I needed”, “all levels of ability can learn something”. Strong support for a show that aims to educate new woodworkers with minimal experience and limited tools on how to build good-looking and useful projects. But enough about how good he is, let’s get to the outtakes!

As you might imagine, not everything goes smoothly on set, and we have the opportunity to go back every now and then to collect some of those special moments. It’s our pleasure (no really, it gives us great pleasure) to share those moments with you. Chad really is a consummate professional and very well prepared on set, he’s always ready with a smile and a joke to keep things fun. So sit back, relax and enjoy the silly side of Chad.

– David Thiel

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