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Rust hunting results

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 i needed a few planes for the shop.   Decided to go visit a few "thrift stores" in my area.     Found a few rusty, CHEAP planes.     Just needed some work to clean back up , and return to service.    A Stanley Bailey #8c at one shop @ $25??? Sold !!  Kind of rusty but a hours of work, some elbow grease, and a pair of new, homemade Walnut handlesyand we have a "new' 100 year old plane. 


Next store, a $8.00 Stanley handyman #1204 smooth plane.   Also on the rusty side.    Same story, some work on the rust be-gone, new handles, sharpen the blade, and a smooth plane is back to work. a before and after photoHmm, the after photo took off on me.   We'll try again.  A third such store produced two old planes,  one made for a hardware Company called Worth back in the 1930s, about 13-1/2" long.  Seems to be a #5.    Got it for $10.00.    The other plane?    For $5, I picked up a Union #3c from about 1917.    Again, a little rustybroken rear tote and all.    Oh yes, we have the tools to fix it back up, into a good user plane.    The hard part was that tote.    At least the clamping part, anyway.  Got the tote glued back together, and cleaned up.   Sharpen the iron, and away we go looks like new?      There were a few others out there,  and they also got the same treatment.     A Stanley #80 scraper plane @$4,   A Stanley 9-1/2 Block plane @ $4,  a Mohawk-Shelburne #700 Block plane @ $1.  And, it wasn't just hand planes either.    seems a few stores also had some handsaws.     I wound up with about a dozen oldies.  Anywhere from a Disston D-8 Thumbhole 5.5 tpi rip saw for $2, to a couple backsaws for a dollar bill each.   Rehabbed most of them back to new.   threw out one cheap saw plate though.   It had more waves in it the Lake Erie.  I have managed to sell some of these saws.    Three however are staying in the shop.     i rehandled a D-23 with Sycamore,  at 11 ppi, it is my new crosscut saw.    Same block of Sycamore also rehandled an old WS&M Co.  6 tpi rip saw.    A "Hybrid saw was also put together.   A STEIGO handle was added to a Disston "Toolbox" saw blade.  The STEIGO's blade? well it was the one with all them waves.     The disston handle?    It went onto an old Irwin Toolbox saw blade.     The three backsaws?  one was a clean up only (so far) two got new walnut handles.  The one had a broken down, only the bottom there, handle.   Save the broken handle, and put a new walnut one on the 10" backsaw.    The saved handle?   Well that D-8 needed a bit of wood for the bottom of it's thumbhole handle.     matched the new piece to the old handle, add a refinish, and sell it off.

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