Wall Hung Basswood Cabinet

Simple construction and elegant design make this cabinet a welcome addition to any decor. Project #2403 • Skill Level: Intermediate • Time: 2 days • Cost: $100 Ever work much with dowels? Many [...]

Easy Frameless Cabinet Joinery

A hassle-free fast track to frameless cabinets. I’ve always liked the clean, modern look of cabinets built without face frames. My early attempts involved building plywood boxes first and [...]

Bosch Smart Jigsaw Review

Tool: 18V Brushless Connected Barrel-Grip Jig Saw GST18V-60BC Shop Now Manufacturer: Bosch MSRP: $209 (bare tool + 2 blades & anti-splinter insert) Smart tools: Love them or hate them, [...]

Hook for Inset Doors

Have you ever closed an inset door in a cabinet you were building and found that you couldn’t open it, because you hadn’t added the knob yet? Well, I have. Here’s an easy, effective solution: [...]

Fine-Tuning Furniture Designs

Minor adjustments typically beat a hatchet job. I knew a guy who didn’t shave or cut his hair for 12 months at a time. On day 365 he looked like the wild man from Borneo. On day 366 (or day …

Woodworking in America: Autumn T. Thomas

We’re interviewing makers from across the country. Today we’re featuring Autumn T. Thomas, a wood sculpture artist from Colorado. How did you get started woodworking? Who were your mentors? My [...]

Double Dowel Tenon Cutter Review

Tool: Double Dowel Tenon Cutter Shop Now Manufacturer: Double Dowel MSRP: $600 During AWFS in Las Vegas this last year, I ran across an interesting little company producing and sell- ing a tool [...]

Eastwood Chair

Bold oak and classic craftsman style make this arm chair a joy to build. When finished, it’s sure to become your favorite seat in the house. Project #2402 • Skill Level: Intermediate • [...]

Shelf Liner Sanding Pad

One roll of shelf liner will provide a lifetime supply of pads to improve the performance of your sanding block. I bought a 18″ x 48″ roll at a local home center for about $5. At [...]

Glaze a Picture Frame

Add richness, depth and color like a pro. Some wood finishes seem to have richness and depth that combine to create a special warm glow. This glow usually comes with age, due to natural changes [...]

Bargain Screw Lube

A toilet bowl floor gasket is an excellent lubricant for screws–much better than paraffin, soap, or all of the other materials I’ve tried. It’s very soft, so all you have to do to [...]

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