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Woodworking in America 2014 – Save the Dates

In the coming weeks (and months), we’ll have a great deal more  to share about Woodworking in America 2014, but for now, know this: Dates: Sept. 12-14, 2014 Location: Winston-Salem, N.C. The main venue is the Benton Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem (read: You won’t go hungry. Or thirsty.) And...

All kinds of music. Jeff Miller embraces street music and chamber music. Traditional design and modern curves. Hand tools and modern machinery. The results speak for themselves, as shown here in this walnut rocker he recently designed and built.

Designs of Note: Jeff Miller

A former musician brings an improvisational skill to the craft. by Christopher Schwarz Somewhere between street musician and the symphony orchestra, between an 18th-century hand woodworker and a contemporary designer, is Jeff Miller, a Chicago furniture maker, teacher and author who defies every pigeonhole. In fact, if given the chance, he might just redesign...


Great Woodshops: Craftsmanship Done Safely

by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 84-87 From the June 2006 issue Woodworking teacher Kelly Mehler got his start in the schooling business in an unusual way. His first teaching job was to instruct patients at a rehabilitation center in woodworking basics using simple machinery. While working there, he took classes in the wood technology program...

planes completed 1

How to Shape a Panel-raising Plane Iron

In my “Make a Panel-raising Plane” article in the November 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, the iron I use came from my reserve of “New, Old Stock” (NOS) irons. These irons were made in England up to about WWII. Each iron is tapered, and of laminated construction – the tool-steel cutting edge is...


An Awesome Edge-jointing Jig

Teaching someone to cut dovetails is easy. Teaching them to joint an edge for glue-up with a handplane is something else. If you don’t believe me, consult Joseph Moxon, who wrote the first English-language book on woodworking. But yet it is counted a piece of good Wormanfhip in a Joyner, to have the Craft...


Meet Matt Cianci – The ‘Saw Wright’

Matt Cianci’s initial forays into woodworking were as a luthier but his introduction to handsaws was born of necessity. “I had to furnish my house and I couldn’t afford to,” Matt says. “I made guitars, so I thought, ‘Hey! I can make furniture!’” So he learned to use a saw and other tools, and...